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Still Creek Release Blitz


Book Two
By Leaona Luxx

Still Water Leaona Luxx E-Cover 2.jpg

Hardy Turner... All I wanted was some fun. I never expected that meeting him would turn my life upside down. I hate him. I love him. Now, there's more to lose than just my heart.

Thayer Hamilton... I told myself I'd never allow this to happen. I want her more than anything, even though I shouldn't. She doesn't know, she's my best friend's little sister.

My fate was sealed a long time ago. Loving her was never in the plan. When my past takes us by storm and the creek rises, who will be left standing? When standing still, is all that's left to do.

Leaona, also known as Lea, lives with her husband, cat and two dogs. She was born and raised in WV by her parents whom she adores before attending Marshall University. A small business owner and mother of three, she enjoys spending time with her family, Carolina Panthers and Marshall University Football, reading, writing, gardening, crafts, NASCAR, TWD, hot rods, and surf fishing.

Leaona was inspired to write while she raised her family, never dreaming one day, she would be published. While loving all genres of books, Lea writes contemporary romance stories that are not your everyday love stories. Gritty and true to life, she draws from her life and loves to create her characters.

Leaona's debut novel released June 7, 2016. Cherry Grove is the first in The Cove Series. She’s your everyday girl and lives to connect with her fans via social media. Leaona also doesn't mind dishing about her favorite authors and their books. Beach, life, and love.


Thayer on the other hand, will never forgive me. She’s let me get away with too much shit already. Mother fucker. Do they think I’ve forgotten? I’ll never forget the day it happened. Why it happened. Do they think they’re the only people to lose something? I lost. By God, I lost everything that damn day.
Am I not allowed to move on? No one, and I do mean no one, can make me feel worse than I do. No one lives with it on their mind or in their heart, the way I do. I have to learn to live with myself every day, all over again. Looking at myself in the mirror every morning and live with the incredible fucking piece of shit I am, every fucking day.
I know, I don’t deserve happiness. I don’t deserve love. To have a family or a future. To have lived a minute longer, is more than I ever deserved. Living my life alone is the price to be paid for who I am. Nothing but death and destruction have plagued my life, sorrow and guilt are my companions.
Pouring myself a glass of Jaeger, I take care of my security system. Walking out on my deck, I text One about our jobtomorrow, hoping it’s not with Thayer. Knowing she’s already awake and ticked as hell, she’s going to be out for blood when I walk away. I have to, it’s what’s expected.
Come to think of it, I haven’t heard from her yet. It’s noon, surely she’s up. Fuck it, I don’t need to care. All I need to do, is steer clear of her until I can get her outta my head. Both of them. Now, how to do it. If anyone heard me talk about Thayer, they’d say I’m crazy. I’m crazy about her, so yeah, I’m fucking insane.
Hardy steps closer to me, I can feel the heat from his body, it knocks the breath from me. “Does he make you come the way I do, Thayer? Does he make you scream his name? That, Thayer, is what we have. That and so much more is what we’ll always have. I may have fucked up by not believing in us but at least I fucked you the way you needed to be. I love you. I want you. And I don’t give a fuck if you marry him tonight. I will win you back.” Hardy slides his hand around my waist and pulls me into him.
His hand wraps around my neck while his thumb traces my jaw. Staring deep into my eyes, he presses into me as he leans into my cheek. Taking a deep breath, I can hear him as he rakes his tongue across his lips. He whispers in my ear, making my knees buckle.
“I will have you again. You never lost me; you own me, hun.” His words slip past my ear, warm and delicious. My thighs squeeze together of their own accord when my panties become wet. I’m lost to him as he gently presses his lips into my collar bone, where my necklace lays. I shudder.
Pulling back, he gazes into my eyes before stepping away. I watch as Hardy walks around the corner of my family’s home, looking hot as hell.



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